Startup Grind Louisville: Six Month Highlights

Raechele Gray announced as Vogt Innovator at the February Startup Grind.

Our April 19th Startup Grind fireside chat will feature Manual high school dynamo, Access Ventures intern and Empowered, Inc founder Anjali Chadha at Red e App. As a thank you for visiting our blog, get a free ticket when you use the code “blog” – Limited to the first 10 visitors.

To celebrate six months of Startup Grind Louisville (And to make up for skipping March…), we’ve rounded up some highlights. Catch up on any you might’ve missed by checking out our archive on Facebook.

Startup Grind Louisville Highlights

Stacy Griggs @ 1804 NuLu HQ

President & CEO – El Toro

“There’s alternative ways to raise capital. One of my favorites is, find somebody who’s willing to pay for what you do. Find that client. Even it’s more like a consulting gig, but you still end up owning that product at the end, it’s a really good way to finance something. “


Chris LaMothe @ Maker13 (1804 SoInd HQ)

CEO – Elevate Ventures

“The reality is nobody goes through life without failing. Nobody goes through life without bumps in the road… The question is, do you believe in yourself, do you believe in the team that you’re working with, are you willing to accept when you make mistake, are you willing to fix it and move in the right direction? And if you do that, I guarantee you, you’ll be incredibly successful. You’d be surprised by how many people can’t deal with that.”

Nathaniel Gravely @ Gravely Brewing Co.

Founder – Gravely Brewing Co.

“It’s always been my dream to own a music venue because I think the live music experience no matter what happens with streaming and downloads and everything else in the marketplace is something you can’t replicate you can videotape it you can broadcast it but if you’re not at the show experiencing the music for yourself which is a different experience for every single person in the audience it’s never it’s gonna be one of those things that’s basically never going to die out I mean vinyl can surge back Spotify can keep blowing up but the live music experience it’s always gonna be that one intangible.”

Dr. Angelique Johnson @ Forest Giant

Founder & CEO – MEMStim

“The biggest challenge is making sure everyone feels welcome in spaces. It’s not so much ‘Hey, you’re not welcome spaces,’ but it is if the space is designed and tailored to fit a particular person or group of people’s flavor and what they like – Everything down to the food – that’s all suited and consistently for one demographic, they’re not going to feel welcome in the space.”


Chris Nowak @ SuperFanU

Founder –  SuperFanU

“The peaks are high and the valleys are low. Unless you’ve been in that position it’s hard to understand how high the highs are and how low the lows are.”


Inclusive Entrepreneurship Panel  @ Gravely Brewing Co.

Bjorn K. Simmons, Managing Director – Hillman Accelerator
Kela Ivonye, Founder & CEO – MailHaven
Kelli Jones, Founder & CEO – Be Nimble and Founder of Disrupt Indy
Tendai Charasika, CEO – SuperFanU

“Everything I choose to do needs to be vision based. I want to wake up every day and know that whatever it is I’m chasing, I’m making someone’s life better.” (Kelli Jones)


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