Google Fiber Inclusion Innovator Dr. Angelique Johnson: Vision Rich, Implementation Thick

It used to be that if you weren’t a tech Startup founder the digital revolution was not a concern or a benefit to you. However, we live in an increasingly digital  and connected world. Now, even local bakeries need to be up on the latest marketing apps and social media platforms. We are a visual society, and people are less likely to shop at a business if they haven’t prescreened at least a few digital images of their latest offerings. So, all businesses need to be digitally savvy and not just in terms of marketing. Startups can save a lot of money in external legal and accounting services by using digital equivalents, such as QuickBooks or LegalZoom.

To address this digital demand, 1804 supported the company Vissionaireum LLC, in collaboration with partners from the NIA center and LouieLabs,  to host an execution accelerator that taught digital tools in accounting, legal, marketing and strategy to Startup founders. The 8-week program, known as Vissionaireum Execution Excelerator (VEE), wrapped up in July and immersed 7 startups in digital hacks to growing their revenue quicker. The companies learned how to create an electronic business model canvas, track customer discovery interviews, create effective pitch decks, build a brand online, create a digital financial tracker, and customize legal agreements found online.  

VEE hosted a diverse range of companies with focuses in politics, animal care, real estate, aging services, childcare, food services and hair care.  No matter the industry, each Startup had one goal in mind, to scale as fast as possible, and they saw digital technology as a means to do so.

With the continued support of 1804 business coaching, many of the Vissionaireum companies are using their newfound cache of digital hacks to pitch to investors, go through additional incubator programs, launch ecommerce sites and branch into new markets. The companies will demo their post graduation progress in late September at Viss Night, a showcase of vision rich entrepreneurs.

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